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Grape Creek Vineyards

Things to Do in Stonewall, Texas

A taste of history

Grape Creek Vineyard has more than just rich soil for the lush grapes they grow. It has a rich history as well. There is evidence that the Comanche tribe used the land as a campground. Spearheads, arrowheads, and skinning tools have been found throughout the property. 

In more recent history Ned and Nel Simes had a dream to create a recognized winery among the Texas Hill Country. They started this dream 1985 and worked over 20 years to make this dream a reality. They planted Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. They also established the first underground commercial cellar in central Texas. Ned passed away in 2004 leaving rich land as well as a rich legacy. In 2006 the vineyard changed hands, but continued to strive for the same excellence that Ned did. The new owners, the Heath family immediately got to work expanding the property and making necessary renovation. They transformed the Vineyard's residence to the Tuscan Villa tasting rooms they are today. They even added a fine dining restaurant.

Grape Creek is committed to providing a unique and old world experience along with superb wine for each of its Guests. Guests can do the typical taste and tour around the vineyard while learning about the history and process of their award-winning wine. Children  and pets are allowed on the property, but must be supervised at all times by the adult guests with them. Children and Pets are not allowed in the tasting rooms. Due to the crowds on Saturdays pets and anyone under 21 is not allowed in the vineyard at all.

Whether you are a connoisseur of wine or fresh to the wine tasting scene, Grape Creek is a perfect place to visit. The staff is dedicated to making the experience unique and to help guests cultivate tastes. To cultivate a taste of their wine as well as their history.